Top 10 Qualities of a Great Nurse

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Nurse

Those who succeed in nursing and gain the most fulfillment from it will start their careers with certain qualities. Do you have what it takes to be a great nurse?

  1. Communication Skills
    A great nurse has excellent communication skills that include speaking and listening. They are able to follow directions without problem and can easily communicate with patients and families to understand their needs and explain treatments.

  2. Emotional Stability
    A great nurse is very stable emotionally. Nursing is a stressful job and nurses encounter many traumatic situations, suffering, and death. A great nurse is one who is able to work without allowing the stress to cause great personal harm.

  3. Empathy
    Great nurses have empathy for the pain and suffering of patients. They are able to feel compassion and provide comfort.

  4. Flexibility
    A great nurse is flexible with regards to working hours and responsibilities. Nurses are often required to work long periods of overtime, late or overnight shifts, and weekends.

  5. Good Attention to Detail
    A great nurse understands that every step in the medical field is one that can have far-reaching consequences. A great nurse pays excellent attention to detail and is careful not to skip steps or make errors.

  6. Interpersonal Skills
    A great nurse has excellent interpersonal skills and works well in a variety of situations with different people. They work well with other nurses, doctors, and other members of a staff.

  7. Physical Endurance
    A great nurse has strong physical endurance and is able to tolerate standing for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects (or people), and performing a number of taxing maneuvers on a daily basis.

  8. Problem Solving Skills
    A great nurse can think quickly and address problems as -- or before -- they arise.

  9. Quick Response
    A great nurse can respond quickly to emergencies and other situations that arise. Quite often, healthcare work is simply the response to sudden incidences, and nurses must always be prepared.

  10. Respect
    Great nurses respect people and rules. They are mindful of confidentiality requirements and different cultures and traditions. And they respect the wishes of the patient.

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