Travel Nursing

by Erin Hasinger
Travel Nursing

It's become common knowledge: nurses are in demand. From giant urban hospitals to the most rural healthcare clinics, nurses are needed everywhere.

Travel nursing is one exciting career path for nurses. Travel nursing, very simply, is when nurses work on a temporary basis at hospitals and other health care locations across the country and are not on staff at just one particular facility.

Staffing companies assign nurses to short-term positions where there is a great need for nurses, and professional nurses have their choice of location. Some of the most popular destinations include Honolulu, New York City, Las Vegas, and Miami. Nurses can travel to the other side of the country or stay right in their own town.

The tremendous nationwide need for nurses means that nurses who want to see the country can become immersed in each city in which they have an interest. For example, a travel nurse may spend a few months in an oceanside Hawaiian town and then move on for a few weeks to explore the history of a quaint New England town.

In addition to the opportunity to experience life in different cities across America, travel nurses receive a number of outstanding benefits, including top pay and generous bonuses, health insurance, and continuing education opportunities. If you decide to become a travel nurse, you typically do not have to sign a long-term contract. A travel nurse contracts for just one short-term assignment at a time.

Some travel nursing companies provide their nurses with furnished housing. Often, the housing will include housewares and utilities. Many companies work with apartment complexes that boast a number of amenities, such as swimming pools or gyms. Nurses are typically assigned to housing that is very close to their assigned position.

Staffing companies also provide liaisons to work with nurses and state licensing boards to help transfer credentials and ensure that each nurse has the necessary licensure to work in other states.

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